Located in the Technological Park of Andalusia, Aeorum is a Spanish technology-based company founded in 2009, with a solid career in the R&D sector.

The aim of the company is to offer technological and innovative solutions for a safer society. The value proposition of Aeorum, designed for security managers, consists of novel tools for preventive surveillance that help to make quick and reliable decisions in order to improve the security management and avoid emergency situations and, therefore, to reduce the risks associated with quick decision-making.

What distinguishes us from other sector companies is the know-how we have developed over many high level projects. This knowledge lies with our well-established team, highly qualified in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision and drone fleet management.

Thanks to our experience with EU co-funded projects, Aeorum has its own technologies, which allow us to offer a wide range of solutions that may be adapted to the security managers needs in different fields of action, such as searching and locating people, protection of critical infrastructures, fire detection and extinguishing strategies, surveillance in urban environments, etc.

Our R&D strategy is continuously updated to give tailored solutions to our clients from an independent point of view and always taking into account technical, aesthetic and functional perspectives.