Technologies developed for security purposes have become a priority for our society, due to their linkage with life and freedom of citizens, the economy, our goods, infrastructures, services, prosperity, political stability and public welfare. Any malfunction or disruption of these, either intentionally or accidentally, can have a detrimental impact on development of life with high economic and social costs.

Aeorum develops civil and military applications, in order to help infrastructures managers and administrators to control a broad spectrum of harmful situations for the security, such as intrusions, thefts, structural failures, fires, etc.

In this context, Aeorum has solutions for the management of infrastructures, as well as the ability to develop and to implement algorithms for the automatic detection of incidents or unwanted operation.

Solutions for automatic control, surveillance and monitoring for operations of security corps:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Police Corps
  • Military Corps
  • Borders
  • Private Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Critical Infrastructures