Real-time access to information on detected threats

Development of an Advanced Information System for the Detections and Neutralization of Drone Threats

Dronecaptor is a technology designed by the company Aeorum with the collaboration of the Subdirectorate General of Communication and Information Systems for Security, the Spanish National Police and the Civil Guard. It offers a platform for the management of anti-drone devices from a single centralized system.


Early detection system of drones and UAVs



System that recognise, identify and classify each drone


Specific system of drone neutralization

The system Dronecaptor detects and neutralize non authorized drones (UAVs) in a reliable way combining multiple sensors, analysing automatically all the received information of each of them, providing an early detection of threats and giving a higher level of precision in the recognition process.

The system is in charge of:
- Filter
- Combine
- Automatically analyse all the received information of each of them
- Provide an early detection of threats
- Higher level of precision in the recognition process

The drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are cheap, easy to fly, can transport loads and invade spaces, carry out an attack to citizens, cannot be controlled, are strong… Attacks can be produced in an unpredictable way. The criminal use of drones has loopholes in the current legislation. Dronecaptor counts with the best technology to cover the security needs of its airspace. Our system creates a drone free area, prevents threats with UAVs keeping its airspace safe. It can be integrated in any security system already installed.

Main capacities of the system:
- The system is completely adaptable to the operational requirements.
- The system allows the phased integration of devices.
- A single Command Centre for the control of all the integrated devices.
- It adds intelligence to improve the capacity of answer facing an intruder drone
- The system has automatized mechanisms, based on behaviour rules and operational protocols predefined by the user.