Development of an Advanced System of Information for the Detection and Neutralization of Threats with UAVs

The project DRONECAPTOR is the development of a System for the Detection and Neutralization of Threats with Drones. The system will consist of a powerful core based on artificial intelligence. These functions will be to detect threats, to assess danger levels, to make a plan of action and to take non-destructive actions of neutralization. The developed devices will work in a coordinated way and will be e a powerful tool against a wide range of threats. They will allow the security forces to make right, quickly decisions in difficult situations. The system can protect both fixed and moving targets.
In addition, by continuously examining the technologies based in UAVs, DroneCaptor will check the scalability of the system adapting itself to future threats.

ITC – 20151141 Project funded under the ERDF INNTERCONECTA 2015 call

Work Program: “Secure Societies: Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens”