Aerial System for Maritime Detection, Tracking and Identification
In the maritime traffic, the safety is a key element with regard to the protection of the crew and the passengers, as well as with regard to economic efficiency derived from a better protection of the carried cargo and the lower consumption of fuel derived from a greater efficiency in the traced routes.

The aim of SADSIM project is the design and development of a RPAS system that can be embedded and deploy from a watercraft on the high seas when an incident is detected, as prevention for the inspection of specific areas or for the searching and identification of specific targets. This way, the system will provide the crew with relevant data that ease the navigation with a comprehensive and coordinate performance in the systems embedded in the RPAS, such as the artificial vision system and the communication system, as well as in the platform used for its landing and takeoff.

ITC-20161073 project funded by the EU in FEDER INNTERCONECTA 2016 call